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SafeRoads did an amazing job for our driveway pavement. They made it smooth and damage-free for cars and walks. Highly recommended team for driveway pavements.

Mark Angelo

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Saferoads asphalt llc is a residential, commercial and industrial paving contractor that has over 25 years of experience in the industry. Every job site is owner supervised to assure a proper finish and answer any questions during the project.

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Parking Lots

SafeRoads specialize in parking lot maintenance and repairs. Our expert crew can rip out, repave, resurface, and regrade your parking lots for beautiful
and long-lasting


Replace your old, cracked, and broken driveway with
SafeRoads. We can precisely install new driveways or repair your existing ones to
increase their

Seal Coating

Asphalt seal coating can be a wise decision if you want your paved surfaces to last. Our crew holds special expertise in seal coating services to protect your paved surfaces from the weather and damaging substances.


Elegant team

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Road engineering activities range from minor improvements to small sections of existing roads, to major road works on regional or inter-regional developments. Road engineering addresses many facets of driving and road use such as human behavior, human expectations, visual cues, road features, lighting, signage, safety barriers etc. include making road use as simple as possible for all road users, reducing the human error on that road, and therefore the likelihood of a crash. Effective design can also reduce the severity of the outcome should a crash occur.

City areas are densely populated places where people live, meet, work, relax, or entertain. They are characterized by having particularly high numbers of vulnerable road users. The traffic flow is slow due to the high street activity and presence of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users such as cyclists and motorbikes. Furthermore, city areas include ‘special zones’ such as schools, hospitals, shopping streets, public transport hubs etc., where even higher concentrations of vulnerable road users are present.

Road networks around the world have in common that they are typically extensive. They need to handle lots of different road user groups, cover a variety of road environments of which some are very challenging, and they often have crashes that are spread widely across the network. Although upgrading roads to a higher standard would undoubtedly bring substantial safety benefits, it is very difficult to invest the required amount in these upgrades across the whole network where changes are required.



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